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Sunglass Store on Wheels

Inspired by the food-truck generation, SunsTruck is a sunglass store on wheels – an eye-opening and innovative mobile retail experience. Launching Summer 2014, SunsTruck can be found at the sunniest spots in and around New York City, including Coney Island’s The Mermaid Parade, Brooklyn music festivals, by the waves of Rockaway, and everything in between – wherever fun can be found, look for SunsTruck.

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Innovation By Design

The SunsTruck team recruited Brooklyn-based company Square Design to bring the unique retail concept to life – a 100% custom designed, hand built, one-of-a-kind retail environment. The Square Design team converted a 1997, 14 foot Grumman step van Shaun named “Silver Sal” (inspired by the nickname of the truck’s previous owner) into the sunglass store-on-wheels it is today. The truck’s interior is fitted with stained oak panels highlighted with horizontal gradient lighting that reflects the “sunset” in SunsTruck’s red, yellow and orange logo.

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