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The Story of the SunsTruck

SunsTruck is the brainchild of husband and wife team Shaun and Rachel Moss (high school classmates, reunited at their 10 year reunion), who grew up in juxtaposed environments – Rachel raised in a family business dedicated to beach culture and Shaun in metropolitan Manhattan; elements that fused perfectly while creating the
SunsTruck concept. Weary and uninspired from his desk job in advertising, Shaun reinvented his career in the retail sector, leading to the launch of his passion project, SunsTruck.
“After quickly realizing that the corporate environment wasn’t for me, I began to develop a love of the customer experience – the elation one feels when making that special purchase – an item they really want and reflects who they truly are. There’s a sense of happiness in that for me which will never get old. This is the experience I hope to deliver through SunsTruck, time and time again”, says Shaun Moss, owner and operator of SunsTruck.

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